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possibly some flash flooding concerns as well. take a look at maryland's most powerful radar right now. you can already see big showers and storms, northern virginia, pounding places like cumberland maryland and moving towards frederick as we speak. flash flood watch up almost all central maryland, all of baltimore and dc area as well. a quick check of maryland's most powerful radar as we have it in motion here that is where the heaviest stuff is now. basically on a line from hagueers town down through winchester virginia, front loyal virginia and cull pepper, this will be moving steadily through dc and baltimore area through the evening. 80s. murky and humid now. another hour or so around baltimore but watching on the western side of town, expect showers and storms to arrive in the next few hours. much more about the outlook tonight. flood concerns how much things will change towards the weekend. all coming up rosie. >>> harper county authorities need your help catching a violent sex offender who seems to have struck again. the incident started in aberdeen and ended in forest hill
>>> seismic shock. an earthquake rocks maryland, shaking many people out of the sound sleep. hi, everybody. i'm kai jackson. here's what people are talking about. wjz has more on this event. tim williams has more on the actual quake. but we begin with alex demetrick, who spoke with people who experienced it this morning. >> well, it was small, as earthquakes go. but it was still large enough to set a record in maryland and press some nerves on edge. >>> baltimore is a long way from earthquake country. but the city shook. >> the dog woke me up, wining -- whining and crying. and then the earthquake happened. shook the bed. i couldn't figure out what that was. i had never experienced that before. but then after it happened, she hopped right back up in bed and with the went back to sleep. >> reporter: a state seismograph picked up the quake. >> a small earthquake. but as far as maryland goes, it's something that's a little stronger than we've experienced in recent past. most of the earthquakes are running from a sort of magnitude 1 to 2 range. >> centered between rockville, and lees
>> the governor's race is heating up here in maryland. details on nec's. >> bp finally stops the gusher in the gulf. >> if you thought bp could not be under more scrutiny, some senators are raising questions about whether they had anything to do with the release of a convicted terrorist. >> we are in the middle of the summer season. this weekend will feel like it. we'll have details as we start right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today in hd. >> good morning. happy friday. i am mindy basara. >> and i am stan stovall. thank you for joining us this morning. >> john collins has a check of the forecast. >> i got to use a gizmo that we do not have much occasion to use. we had an earthquake. we can demonstrate it for you on our radar. the computer can display the information. there is a 3.5 -- our system called it a 3.6 -- it struck near rockville in montgomery county. thisppened around 5:04 morning. it was about 3 miles down just
over maryland when a 3.6 earthquake rumbled over the state. >> i thought it was a truck that went by. >> i thought it was a freight train. >> that's surprising it was actually an earthquake. that's ridiculous. >> reporter: it's certainly unusual. seismographs caught itself size and duration. >> and the wiggles went on for some, one, two, about three minutes before it quieted down completely. >> very small earthquake. but as far as maryland goes it's something we've experienced in the recent past. most of the earthquakes are running the sort of magnitude 1 to 2 range. >> reporter: they placed the jail three miles deep. it showed up on the maryland science center field earthquake count. and in reports from pet owners. some of them got an early warning. >> a dog woke me up, whining and crying and pacing around the bedroom. then the earthquake happened. it shook the bed. and i couldn't figure out what that was. i never experienced an earthquake before. >> the cause may affect the last ice age which the quake vanished. >> it was some 20,000 years ago. >> the crust is still kind of readjus
big story tonight at 11:00. day two of being left high and dry for nearly two million maryland residents. mandatory water bans still in effect tonight as emergency repairs continue on a faulty water main in potomac. fox 5's jennifer davis has those details. >> reporter: wssc says it will have people out here around the clockworking till this pipe is both drained and repaired but they say until that happens it is really important that customers out there restrict their water usage so that firefighters, hospitals and anyone would really need it is will have it. they say right now people are not cutting back enough. the problem is a weakened section of a 96-inch water main. they are asking all its customers to reduce their water usage by about a third t so far usessage has only declined less than 10%. the pool manager says they're doing their part. they held off filling the pool much longer than usual and wssc says everyone can do a little bit. >> no watering outside. no watering your lawns. don't wash your car. no topping off a swimming pool. inside your house folks can definitel
the maryland science center's global earthquake count. and in reports from pet owners. some of them got up early in the morning. >> a dog woke me up, whining and crying. then the earthquake happened. it shook the bed. i couldn't figure out what that was. i had never experienced that before. >> the cause may be the last. when the wake from the mile high eye icesheet vanished. >> even though it's some 20,000 years ago, the crust is still readjusting. so it's tweaking a little once in a while. >> reporter: those highest up would have felt it worst. but it was too early for work. checks were made for damage around the state. >> we've identified no serious structural damage. but we are doing a number of things. of course, we've checked in with calvert cliffs. and calvert cliffs appears to be fine. we are sending inspectors out to bridges, especially the most heavily traveled bridges. >> reporter: as for aftershocks, they'll be so small, maybe only dogs will feel them. >> reporter: in fact, only one aftershock may have just happened. maybe just a few minutes after the main quake. it went
the situation in uganda. a bomb injured a teen from maryland. she was on a mission trip with her church. . >> reporter: vick, emily kerstetter's is stable, she called home, shared laughs with family and friends. but the family spokesman says even though she is good spirits she has a very long road to recovery. emily kerstetter's' recovery is far from over with more surgeries scheduled and new health dangers for the 16-year- old who was injured in a terrorist bombing in uganda. a spokesman woman shared the latest on her condition. >> she had a blood clot in her vein, in her leg. they scheduled her for another test to see what her oh vains were doing. >> she spoke to em expem said she the in good spirits. >> she doesn't remember anything from the explosion which i think is good. >> the leader remembers the aftermath, writing i touched my own face and head because i could taste blood and felt warm liquid which i assumed was blood. i had no idea what happened. as people were screaming and moaning i know the thought flashed through my head, bombs. it was a flash of a finger and a blink of a
it was like a >>> the maryland geological survey's website lists the strongest confirmed tremor in maryland was a 3.1 in hancock out in washington county. we are live in northeast baltimore where they have seen it all this week. >> reporter: well, you know, we were fortunate, i mean, as rare as that earthquake was, it was not particularly strong relative to what earthquakes can do, but, still, the reports coming in out of montgomery county, a 3.6. abc 2 was the first on the air to report that quake, but no damage out here from the quake. the hot weather has really helped things out out here. we have really stepped on the gas. 2:00 p.m. is crunch time, we have 24 hours to go. the crews are continuing to work around the clock to get this project done. the rain was a set back and today's quake could have pushed the project back even further. here's more. >> reporter: the rain is gone, but something happened this morning that could have put the project behind even further. >> we were the first ones to bring this to you, there was an earthquake in maryland. >> reporter: you probably heard about
a successor to the late senator robert byrd. >>> mary kay. >> in the maryland governor's race, a montgomery county woman is bob ehrlich's new running mate. he made the announcement on youtube. mary lives in potomac maryland. she has been director of special projects of the u.s. chamber of commerce since 2008. >>> outrage at arlington cemetery and the army pulls a pledge to ultimate soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice. >>> toyota could announce another major recall. >>> mild weather continues. another major recall. >>> mild weather continues. [ clattering ] [ male announcer ] when you're all out of good ideas and you've moved on to the dumb ones, it's time. american standard heating & air conditioning. a higher standard of comfort. it heard what happened to the vcr and the cassette player. and the answering machine. it knows what happens to obsolete technology around here. what you need to help your tv understand is it's not the one that's obsolete. it's the cable technology that's obsolete and fios is the one making it obsolete. it's time for fios. call the verizon center for customers
on the beltway in maryland or virginia. 95, 395, checking in great. 66, as you head inbound, no delays reported fair oaks looks good. little bit of volume, everybody moving at speed at this point. no accidents or incidents to report. we have an accident reported in montgomery county and silver springs. fenton at new york, watch out for that. check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >>> to our big story this friday morning it's the news that residents along the gulf coast have been waiting for. bp has finally put a stop to the massive oil leak in the gulf of mexico. did it by capping the well. this crisis is still far from over. >> a look at the notorious spill cam says it all. the cloud of crude gushing in to the the gulf is gone. the question is will the cap hold without creating bigger problems. a sigh of relief along the gulf coast for you at lase. the ruptured deep sea oil well stopped gush for first time in three months. the company is conducting tests for the new con tapement cap. if everything goes according to pran, bp can continue the choke off the leak or at the very least send oil up to
and muggy weather all over maryland tonight. a live look outside. still lots of clouds lingering after a day of rain showers. wjz is live with first warning weather. bob turk and meteorologist bernadette woods tracking weather for us. >>> still a few showers around. not a whole lot. a few areas getting even one or two very small thundershowers. a little light rain from newark to elkton. and the galena area. and we found this one little thundershower just along the mason-dixon line, heading down toward manchester, to the east of westminster. and a few light showers from tois towson -- from towson to the jarrettsville area. and one little cell popped up in northern montgomery county. that's headed toward western howard county. we're still not done totally with the rain. most areas will be dry. but until probably 7:00, 8:00, we'll have a few of these showers. speaking of these showers, bernadette woods with a few of the rainfall amounts we've seen. >> just in this last round of rain, not even the one from two nights ago. these are the numbers we're seeing 2.69 inches in towson. columbia, 2 1/2
as tomorrow. all of these areas in northern virginia, the district of columbia, most of maryland, and the eastern shore under this. high, excessive heat advisory. right now the dew points are in the mid 60s to upper 60s. that is rather humid but they're going to get even higher as we get into tomorrow so it's going to be turning more humid. right now in the mountains it's near 80. eastern shore, near 90 degrees there even at the beaches, code orange for unhealthy air quality. this afternoon so reduce outdoor afternoon activity. yes we do get to a hundred and perhaps even 102 or maybe even near the record of 103 this afternoon. details on the end of the week, a break coming our way in a few minutes. >> we'll need it. thank you, tom. finally, some relief for those of you who live in montgomery and prince george's county. the mandatory water restrictions in place for five days have now been lifted. crews fixed a 96-inch water main that was on the brink of breaking. megan mcgrath joins us live from potomac, maryland where the new main is now working. residents are happy about this on
maryland governor bob ehrlich has made his choice for running mate. it was made in the most unconventional way. jennifer franciotti is live in federal hill with more on the story. >> he made it on cyberspace, on facebook. the choice he made, mary kane, is not shocking to party insiders. many wondered just who is mary kane. he said he needed a partner to help him fix maryland. mary kay and served as secretary of state and is the director of special projects at the u.s. department of congress. she is a mother of three and does livent montgomery county. this is critical in the gubernatorial race. >> montgomery county has always made republicans incredulous. in is a liberal area. how does it remain so liberal? this is a test of that because mary kane is from montgomery county. >> they will hit the campaign trail together in silver spring. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. what's your first impression of bob ehrlich's choice of mary kane for his gubernatorial running mate? e-mail your response to watercooler@wbaltv.com. >> the start of
90's's tomorrow. >> beautiful trip in maryland along in4, route 5. nothing on 228. looks good to annapolis on 50. quiet along 270. let's show you the pace approaching hyattstown, that is closest to us. the greenway is open in both directions between reagan national and leesburg. the earlier crash at from dodge ridge is gone. back to you. >> thank you. >>> the washington metro area has the best educated population in the nation. a study by the brookings institute finds 47% of adults in d.c. and its suburbs have a bachelor's degree. that is up from 22% in 1970. if 20% of adults have a graduate or professional degree. >> smarter is a good thing. >>> 5:12, 73 degrees. >>> coming up, apple gets ready to address the iphone reception issues. >>> this could cost $200. >> new calls for the airline industry to come clean about the hidden fees. >>> a revolutionary medical procedure >>> welcome back. in our top stories on this thursday, the oil spill in the gulf is starting to take a toll continually on wildlife. biologists say the oil has killed hundreds of pelicans and other birds on an
. >>> now good morning maryland. >>> this was not supposed to happen. baltimore buries another teenager. >>> academy prayed throughout the night and will update you tomorrow. we'll update you on the teenager hurt in the uganda bombings. >>> what about all that rain? what did it do to the project? was pouring down. >> wow, that's all i thought about when it was pouring. i thought about those poor volunteers. good morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> and i'm megan pringle. we want to know if that's going to happen. they are going to be out there again today. >> it just poured. here is lanet charles. >> you want the answer to the question, yes, we are going to see some more rain. we will get a little break, but it's going to move back in, as we go into the afternoon. so, off and on, tomorrow is going to be a much better day. here are your headlines. still unsettled. showers and thunderstorms. also, very humid outside, but we have seasonal temperatures. and then we have a few storms tomorrow and it's going to be hottedder tomorrow as well and dryer by the end of the week. check it
, in montgomery county, maryland. >> i heard you got advanced warning in your house? >> reporter: i don't know if this is common or not. but about five minutes before the thing happened, the dog, he went nuts. began whimpering and complaining. not barking. but was very, very upset about something. thought wanted to go outside. we got to the front door and he didn't move. maybe he knew what was coming. >> maybe he did. but in my house, that could mean anything. okay. john donvan, thanks very much. >> glad to hear there were no injuries. >>> now, let's go to matt gutman, in buras, louisiana. has the latest on what's going on in the gulf. good news. promising news. >> reporter: good morning, robin. sealed for now. this is the home run that bp had been hoping for. its first major success. it's not game over yet. this is a temporary fix. we're learning that the pressure readings inside the well are not nearly as high as scientists would like them to be. nearly 18 hours in. and it's holding. this colossal cork called the stacking cap, plugging oil. shooting up with a force of 70 fire hoses. 3 months
is in maryland with charges in the murder of a glen burnie dentist four years in the making and he was bludgeoned to death in 2006. and prosecutors say that -- the middle of robbing the dentist. hickman worked inside the office. both were indicted last week on a long list of charges including first-degree murder. >>> the news edge on virginia, where an 18-year-old autistic man sits in a jail and his mother is on a crusade fighting for his freedom. reginald layton is charged with assaulting a police officer. here's the question, is jail really the best answer in this case? tonight, we're going to take a look. fox 5s stacey cohan is here with what happened. >> reporter: on a mission to free her son and has launched an internet campaign. the local n naacp is helping out even though the issue is not the color of the men's skin. from the time he was small, reginald neely laton's mom knew he was different. >> small things like teaching a child how to tie his shoes, you know, pick up a spoon, eating, you know? >> reporter: it took years of frustration and specialec to get a hard diagnosis. autism. speci
at the university of maryland are scared. >> everyone i talk to is always looking for jobs. especially now. >> reporter: and looking for the start of a strong recovery with lots of hiring. meanwhile, the touchy political issue of extending unemployment benefits will remain unsettled. at least until senate gets back from its break in ten days. i'm steve handelsman, capitol hill. >>> the next jobs report along with pay roll fell for the first time in six months, sent stocks tumbling and ends a dismal week. it fell about 46 points today to close at 9686. the nasdaq also dropped by about ten points to chose at 2092. the s&p 500 ended about five points lower to close at 10.23. >> sally may is leaving northern virginia. it is the nation's largest student hender. officials in delaware announced today that the outfit sally mae is moving its corporate headquarters from reston, virginia, to newark, del tell. they say they will recommend that they receive a state grant of 3% of the capital investment at the new site with a cap of $3 million. the new headquarters is expected to open in march. >>> when
we are following tonight. a massive fire in frederick, maryland. skyfox over the scene earlier tonight as firefighters battled these flames. huge clouds of smoke could be seen shooting out of the roof. the building is located at east all saints street and south carol street. we are told it was a business but no word which one. >>> fallout tonight from the mess on the marc commuter rail. first a breakdown that left passengers stranded in the heat for hours. then a missed stop with state transportation officials on board. well tonight the state and am tack are vowing to make things right. fox 5 wisdom martin live at union station. wisdom? >> reporter: some of the top brass involved with running the train system are out talking to passengers trying to reassure them and let them know they are investigating. they will fix these problems and they will do better. it's not every day that the people who ride the train get to talk directly to the people who run the train system. amtrak's c.e.o. joseph bordman, maryland transportation secretary and maryland transit administration chief sp
and traffic charges in maryland. he was sentenced to eight months of electronic monitoring and two years of unsupervised probation. a dash cam video was showing the nba star being pulled over for speeding. he was apparently something of a rolling armory. he was carrying two loaded hand guns, a loaded shotgun and a knife. >>> this morning a mother hopes someone will come forward with information on the murder of her daughter of the vanessa pham was killed more than two weeks ago. darcy spencer talked with her mother and lead agency handling the investigation. >> i feel angry. >> reporter: the mother of vanessa pham, the 19-year-old fashion design student at the center of a murder mystery that is baffling detectives. >> i cry all the time. >> reporter: pham was found dead in her car june 27th. her toyota scion was captured on video minutes before she was found dead. the clues have not been enough to catch a killer. >> the detectives here and supervisors are phenomenal, the amount of extra hours and time. >> reporter: in a rare interview, major shawn barrett appealed to the public to help s
. metro reports no damage or impact from the quake, and the maryland state highway administration and montgomery county department of transportation have no reports of any damage to the roadways. crews from maryland and the district are inspecting some of the areas older bridges this evening. they are checking to see whether there is any damage from the earthquake, and so far no reports of any problem. more thorough inspections are expected later on. >> many were caught off guard by the quake and while it may not happen often it is a good idea to be prepared because at we know you don't have to be on the west coast to feel a tremble. >> it is a good idea to have an emergency bag. in mine i have a battery operated radio, a flash light, first aid kit, some water and a lot of folks say bring some food to last a couple of days. >> stock up with canned goods and water. a fire extinguisher is a good idea. >> more advice from friends on the west coast is keep slippers or flip flops by your bed so you don't step onbreak broken glam talk to your children so they know what to expect and the
near nearby gaithersburg, maryland but felt hundreds of miles away. >> it was more of a really low rumble and the vibration rather than like a jet engine noise. i wasn't sure what it was. >> reporter: earthquake expert mike blanpied with the u.s. geological survey says earthquakes aren't rare in these parts. new york, southern virginia and the carolinas are more probably, but the d.c. region has had a few relatively minor tremors. >> in this area we're probably not going to get the big one right around here. we could get earthquakes big enough to do some damage and certainly there are many parts of the country that could. >> reporter: no one was injured and there was no damage reported, but people sure are talking about it. weighing in on the did you feel it section of the usgs website calling in to fox 5. but some people never even felt the earthquake sleeping through it, only learning about it hours later. >> as far as i'm concerned it did not happen. >> reporter: nothing except a little rattling and rolling has got folks talking over dinner about the day the earth around the d.c
. clinton, maryland lon, heat index, 98 degrees. dover, delaware's heat index, 101. a ribbon of rain showers rolling through pittsburgh, pennsylvania, part of an ever-so-weak weather front. showers and storms in far western maryland and the west virginia mountains. can't completely rule out the chance of a shower in the far western suburbs of the washington area by 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 this evening. by and large, most of us are going to stay dra fy for the remainder of the day. 73, the dew point in atlanta. the combination of heat and humidity has heat index values in the high 90s to near 100. the weather service has had to issue a heat advisory for the i-95 corridor. in anticipation of heat index value between 100 and 105 during the peak of the afternoon. we will spend most of the day in the frying pan. what little shower chances we have will primarily be late this evening and into the overnight hours. may trigger one or two lonesome showers. high pressure is large and in charge of our forecast. the heat advisory goes until 9:00 tonight have the a few thunderstorms and outside possibility. cert
today. >>> there is some good news for maryland residents. water restrictions for montgomery and prince georges counties were finally lifted last night. the storm knocked out power to the plant in potomac for 12 hours. it took several hours to get the plant back online. >> that was the good news. bad news, power outages are affecting many montgomery schools this morning. 59 buildings are still without power. there will be no summer classes, summer camps, recreation programs or meal programs at those buildings today. for an updated list visit the montgomery county school system's website. >>> stay with us throughout the morning for the latest power outage numbers and how it will affect your commute. you can find the latest information at nbcwashington.com. >>> today we may learn what caused the deadliest crash in metro history. national transportation safety board is meeting with investigators before holding a final vote on the probable cause of the redline crash. the boorld issue recommendations on how metro can avoid a similar tragedy in the future. last june, nine people were killed w
are in the very mug where low to mid-70s. the thunderstorms are rolling out on the eastern shore of maryland and away from us. we'll see a little break of sunshine or two here in the late morning or afternoon hours before more thunderstorms come rolling in. wednesday and thursday, looks like thursday will be the better day down at the beaches. our four-day forecast very nice indeed. we get nice and hot and steamy the way jerry edwards likes it for thursday and friday. >> we have to deal with power outages and trees down in the roadway. this is east/west highway at grubb road. west of this point it is blocked at jones mill road because of trees down. also, connecticut avenue at east/west highway, the traffic lights are out. in arlington, north military road, be careful there. high water had been in the roadway resulting in an accident. be cautious heading out this morning. >>> 4:42 is our time. critical vote today. the fda is taking up whether a popular drug should be pulled off the market. >>> a local teen among knows injured in the terror attack in uganda. >>> police reaching across cultura
to the north and west at this hour. notice in western maryland and west virginia, that line of shower activity is associated with an upper level low that will come through later today and that would spark off more widespread showers and thunderstorms. so bottom line, more clouds than yesterday, temperatures are still going to be warm. muggy out there. and we stand a good chance of seeing some widely scattered and thunderstorms. all right, off to a warm start. 78 at reagan national. fredericksberg, 77. ocean city, 80 degrees. we're going to hit the 90s again this afternoon with a lot of cloud cover. high of 92. very humid with winds out of the west at 5 miles per hour. i'll let you know if we have any cool air on the five-day. i have a hint. we don't. but i'll show that to you any way. let's get to lauren demarco with traffic. >>> a new accident reported northbound 295 at pennsylvania avenue. in the outer loop through montgomery county from college park past university boulevard, from this camera angle toward silver spring, we do have some slow traffic. 66 inbound slow through manassas and from
that -ontain federally funded highways. roads can be designed to cut down on maryland ssorm water pollution. >>> the maryland lottery commission will meet to discuss tte slots for a casino. ú% end of the general assembly lawmakees decided to lower the tax rates for the site as to >>> scorching temperatures con stop the flow of creativity at this year's artscape. it's hat it's the nation's free ú%hs yeaa it was no exception. 90s all three days of the event. part of the country to be hit by the heat. just two weeks after a brutal heatwaae struck partssof u.s. came even more dangeeouslyywarm >> reporter: the eastern seaboard dealing with another the 90s and factoo in the -umidity and it's plain miserable. they're not just sseating in the south but dealing wiih summer storms. floods killing two inn3 miisissippi. and heat advisories for parts of woke oklahoma when hundreds of >> 90 degrees and sstting on the tile floors and drinking lots of -luids.ú >> reporter: oklahoma neighbors feeling he sting of a summer scorcher. people in dallas discovering that the swimming pool is the outdooos. >
verizon.com/fios. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >>baltimore is the deaddiest city in maryland for aggressive pedestrrans theii lives. %-city is trying to put the ras on theeaggressive driving. >> reporter: it'' been a week but there's still piercing pain. >> i landed on my arm. >> reporter: for shawna is the victim of a hit and run driver. >> i don't know. i didn't see the driver. ii was like a gllre. >> reporter: she is four months pregnant, there was no injury to the baby but she has scrapps and bruises on her arms3 and hands from the incident. meses saa police say a dark colv struck her. she had the green light. ú%icken. i was coming this way, and i went overrand i was in the ir. that was the end of it. i fell on my ace and my stomach really, really hard, and he kept going. >> reporter: and she is one the latest peddstrians struck in %-baltimore city has the ighest rate of 31% of the total number of pedestriaa crashes in marylandd transporration offfcials say tyyically speed is why there's soomany accidents. >> a speedinn in the city of baltimore is -- it's very ú%gh volume of p
. >> wisdom martin in the newsroom. thank you for that. >>> developing in maryland tonight. day two of water woes across prince george's county and montgomery county. all because of this. a faulty 96-inch water main in potomac. nearly two million customers still under mandatory wrn bans tonight to -- water bans tonight to make sure there is enough water to go around. >> reporter: wssc says its crews will be working for the next couple of days. first to drain this pipe and then to repair it. they say until they're able to do that, they really need their 1.8 million customers to cut back and conserve on their water uses. right now they say not enough people are doing that. 4th of july is all about the water but with handtory water -- mandatory water restrictions for all customers right now that is taking on a whole new meaning, especially at places like the east gate swim and tennis pool. >> we definitely cut down the amount of water we use. we're definitely -- they asked us to cut down. i think we cut it down at least a third. >> reporter: the pool manager says if she hadn't read about the co
downtown at the maryland science center a beautiful shot of the city and the stadium. it was a steamy weekend. we hit 100 degrees both days. we broke records both days. yesterday, which hit 100, which broke the old record of 99. we have made the transition into a cooler air mass. we saw the thunderstorms last night. there was some violent weather. now the front is way off to the south. high pressure comes in from the great lakes. we do have some much more comfortable conditions out there this morning. it feels much better this morning. the thunderstorms have diminished along the front. it is far enough away from us that we should end up with a dry day. maybe some high, thin clouds around annapolis and the eastern shore. most of us will see sunshine today. low 70's right now. seven yuan in rock hall. the dew points are in the low 60's -- 70 degrees in rock hall. cooler, less humid. high temperature near 90 degrees. sun said this evening at 8:24. mostly clear and pleasant tonight. -- sunset this evening at 8:24. another nice day coming up tomorrow with a high temperature near 88. low 90
, to the news desk. >> speaking of the heat, it is our big story this morning. maryland health officials say six people have died this year due to the heat. >> as tony just mentioned, yet another heat wave is expected this week, 11 news reporter kim dacey is live in northwest baltimore with the story. good morning, kim. >> good morning. baltimore city has issued a code red heat alert for today through wednesday of this week. they say there have been six heat-related deaths so far in maryland this year, and that number could increase following this next heat wave. the best thing to do is try to stay out of the heat as much as possible and in the air conditioning. but if you do have to be outside, drink plenty of fluids and try to stay in the shade or wear a hat to protect your skin. the very young and elderly, as well as those with chronic health conditions like respiratory or heart problems, are more success septemberible to heat illnesses. but the secretary of the department of health and mental hygiene says everyone should take precautions. >> it can affect anyone, and so don't take this light
. pamela brown is standing by in rockville. the official at the center is germantown, maryland? >> we spoke to a seismologist and he says that the epicenter was 10 miles northwest of rockville. the magnitude of the earthquake was 3.6 which was minor. that is unusual in our area. there has only been a couple of minor earthquakes in the last couple of years in d.c. one man told me it was more sound than shaking. he heard a huge rumble and went outside to see what was going on and he realized it was an earthquake. some people did not realize it until we told them. >> we have a trained near my house and it goes by and i thought it was bad. it was way too strong for that. >> i was sitting on the floor this morning and it started moving. i was wondering what it was. >> i am scared. i did not know this would happen out here. out and iked me thought was a storm and i looked out and it was clear. i don't know what the world is coming to. >> everyone has their own account of what they experienced this morning. it is really business as usual now. people have come to grips with what happened this morni
, that is a field just a few miles outside of d.c. -- maryland, actually. looks pretty good to me. >> looks good. >> we'll get you the late nest a live report from down there. >> wow. >> in just a couple of minutes. we're very happy there's no damage or injuries. >>> take a look at another great picture. this is a sight gulf coast residents have waited nearly three months to see, oil -- no oil gushing from that busted pipe in the gulf. it is a relief for a lot of people. but bp cautions no one should celebrate just yet. remember, this is an integrity test on that new cap, engage the pressure within the ruptured oil well. of course it's only a temporary fix until the relief wells are operational. we'll have more on that just ahead. >>> plus casey anthony, the florida mom accused of murdering her own daughter, breaks down in court as she sees her entire family for the first time in 20 months. we'll have details coming up. >>> we'll begin with that breaking news, an overnight earthquake felt in and around the nation's capital. people working in our washington studio felt it. that is where our tom c
made it over 100. frederick, maryland, 102. winchester, virginia, in the shenandoah valley, 101. mid to upper 90s in many spots. you factor in the humidity and the heat index values are over 100, literally everywhere. some places are dangerously hot. winchester, 112 heat index. culpepper, 111. downtown, 106. the current heat index in leonardtown, maryland. the excessive heat watch is for tomorrow. that's the next step up in the advisory criteria for weather. that means the heat index values may surpass 110 degrees. temperatures the rest of the evening, mid 90s for, through 5:00. low 90s through at least 7:00 p.m. only into the mid 80s by 11:00. a toasty warm evening is on the way for tomorrow. that will be the worst of the worst. the highs tomorrow, air temperature may crack 101 degrees tomorrow. that will crush the old record high temperature. as we get into sunday, maybe a chance for a shower or a thunderstorm. we'll talk more about that and bring you up to date on tropical storm bonny across south western florida getting ready to move into the gulf of mexico. back to the news for
was right there. german town, maryland. about 20 miles northwest of d.c. belt felt through maryland, d.c. and virginia and west virginia. it woke up our household. if did feel like kind of that freight train, a rumble that came in a wave. it started low and crescendoed and then died down and lasted five or seven seconds and this c clushay of the freight train. this is the most significant quake they ever felt. small quakes we have from time to time but the last time we had a quake here in the neighborhood of 2.0 that was back in 2008. back to you guys. >> the president was asked this morning if he felt it and he said he did not. >> really? a lot of ooour colleagues in d. said they didn't feel it. it's kind of strange, i'm out in maryland and i felt it. >> it's just because you're on high alert. >> always. my antenni are up and ready. >> you're looking for anything in the night. all right, tom, thank you very much. >>> this morning in michigan people are dealing with the aftermath of a wave of thunderstorms that slam under to the western part of that state. the storms blew through quick
injuries. >> marylanders woke up to an early-morning earthquake. it was a 3.6 magnitude earthquake that happened at 5:04 a.m. in germantown area. there are reports of it being felt from york county pennsylvania to virginia. it is the largest earthquake to hit maryland. Ñoçpççç >> good morning. a quick look at h.d. doppler radar. storms in maryland last evening have moved off shore. a couple storm complexes in kentucky. if they make the trip across the mountains and survive, probably that would pass south of us today. it would be on the edge of a boundary between warmer air and drier air to the south. 76 degrees. 87% the humidity. the barometer is down a little bit but showing a rising tendency, and the winds are calm. our forecast partly cloudy. maybe an isolated storm today. a better chance south of us, but even that would be isolated. southwest winds at 7 to 12. 93 to 98 for the high. if you are going to be down in the ocean today, a chance in baltimore for a scattered thunderstorm or two. partly cloudy forecast for saturday and sunday. 88 for the high on sunday. >> thank
of the earthquake. it is the display from the maryland geological survey seismograph, which actually detected two earthquakes 12 minutes and 5 miles apart. >> this is the beginning of the earthquake. you can see that it is fairly sharp on in the grass. -- the graph. would you call this an aftershock? it could be. >> this person says it is impossible to know if we are in for any more earthquakes, but he says damage is highly unlikely even if the ground shakes again. >> there is no driving mechanism to cause a serious earthquake and a lot of damage. >> it would take about a four 0.0 on the richter scale to cause damage. that would be a quake twice as violent as the one today. this one left the region and a lot of love mercedes in tact. -- full of mercedes intact. >> i live near annapolis. the rumble was enough to wake us up this morning. experts say they do not know if we will feel anything more, but we certainly did this morning. >> russ is, and now we know -- thank you, and now we know you are a light sleeper. there is a natural gas leak that may have been caused because of the quake. the pipe ha
. >>> battleground maryland, where gov. martin o'malley said his negative radio ad linking it bob ehrlich to the oil spill in the gulf was a tactical mistake, his words. he called the former governor a lobbyist and linked him to this bill. it also said the republican voted with big oil. they are campaigning for the september primaries. >>> a federal judge is hearing arguments on whether arizonas new immigration laws should take effect on july 29. it is the first major hearing in one of the seven challenges to the new law. the judge will also consider arguments over arizona governor's arguments to dismiss the challenge filed by a phoenix police officer and nonprofit group. the six other lawsuits includes one from the federal government and they're set for next week. >>> d.c.'s highest court has upheld the same-sex marriage law, ruling 5-4 that opponents of the law cannot ask voters to overturn it. it took effect in march. opponents attempted to get approval but put off the initiative asking voters to define marriage as between one man and one woman. >>> turning to the weather, more steamy temperature
, but this morning well the earth shook them back. an earthquake measuring magnitude 6.6 hit maryland it was centered in the suburb of german town. >> i woke up to a loud crash or bang, and felt the house shake and to me it felt like something had hit the house. >> reporter: earthquakes are rare in maryland. this is the largest to hit the d.c. area since geologists began keeping record back in 1974. the last one was 16 years ago and measured 4.7. >>> captured by the wide field infrared explorer otherwise known as w.i.s. e. the w.i.s.e. telescope will spend the next month mapping the skies again to search for more hidden skies and galaxys. >>> well the final numbers are in, we know now how much was paid for her appearance at a local university and how much money she raised. >>> the foundation that hosted sarah palin's speech last month as a fundraiser revealed today that it paid the former alaska governor $75,000 for her appearance. foundation officials had previously refused to say how much she was paid. attorney general jerry brown opened an investigation to determine if any public money was used.
miles from here in rockville, maryland and we also understand that you could feel the earthquake also in parts of maryland virginia west virginia and pennsylvania. now, in 1990 we had a 2.6 earthquake here. that was the previous record. now, we understand this morning there is no damage reported yet, but we hear people saying things like they heard an explosion, they thought it was a plane or a truck, and we each hadven had one of our own photographers call in and say that he was shaken out of bed all his neighbors were flooding to the street this morning. nobody had any idea what happened before the news reports started coming out. so erica, this is a pretty big deal for these parts. again, the biggest one ever recorded within 30 miles of washington, d.c. >> and a lot of people keep talking about that today. tara mergener in washington thanks. harry? >>> okay erica, now to the latest in the disaster in the gulf, where there is reason for hope this morning that oil has finally stopped gushing from that blown-out well. but the next 36 hours of testing the new conta
in gaithersburg, maryland, about 20 miles north we have of the nation's capitol. the quake was felt by as many as 3 million people in the mid-atlantic region. there were no reports of injuries or damage, but residents flooded 911 lines to report the rumbling. let's get more now from someone who actually felt it. cnn producer trish chicka, who was at home in kensington, maryland, when the quake hit and joins us right now on the phone. what did you feel and hear? >> caller: hi, fredricka. i had just gotten out of the shower at the time, and all of a sudden i felt you know, my -- the bottom of the tub was vibrating. the low, deep rumble. the windows, or the window flight my shower, it was rattling. it felt like a train or a huge truck was going by, but, of course, i would have had to been right outside my window if that were the case. it didn't make any sense, and i felt this momentary, maybe low level feeling of panic. i'm in the shower. i'm thinking, that's kind of a vulnerable place to be. should i -- >> were you thinking, this is a tremor? an earthquake? or thinking something else was going o
be felt 60 miles and more away from the epicenter. at least half of maryland felt this earthquake this morning. maybe some of you didn't if you were sleeping hard like shawn. 3.6 magnitude, very strong, strongest we've ever had around here, so they say. we all live along this north american plate here. all across the area -- there we go. so we're all along the interior of what they call the north american plate. of course all earthquakes happen along fault lines. we're just not sure which fault line this occurred across because there's just so many of them. if the phone line doesn't come up to the surface of the earth, we don't even give it a name. so there's no way to say which fault line it occurred on. it was a slip fault earthquake and also lasted one to two seconds. at least the movement of the plates and believe it or not, this is what is amazing to me is those plates probably only moved a few inches and we had a ripple effect of an earthquake lasting somewhere between about 6 and 7 seconds long. of course we had an aftershock too at about 5:16 that was quite a bit lower, on
early this morning in durwood, maryland. police are still investigating that accident. no word on the condition of the two injured passengers. >>> if you're riding metro this weekend add some time to your trip. there will be work on the red, yellow and blue lines. on the represented line delays between new york avenue and brentwood and shady groef and twinbrook. blue line, braddock road and van dorn stations and between braddock and huntington on the yellow line. metro suggests you add 30 minutes to your trip. weather is coming up next. this is unlike any car you've ever seen before. this is power with efficiency. this is an interior that exceeds even the promise of the exterior. this is the all-new jaguar xj. the stunning result of taking a very different road. >>>ing meteorologist kim martucci is in storm center 4 with a look at today's weather which is not fair. >> hardly. rather humid, aaron. good morning to you. we got the muggies outside. let's take a look at the required and satellite loop pap cluster of storms moving into west virginia. those have a shot of hitting sout
to talk about jobs. joo creation. budget. budget deficit.3 what is next for tte stateeof maryland. >> for all the coverage of the 2010 campaign seassn, go to foxbaltimore.com and click onúú. >> formerrfox 45 intern parrs -rug charges in ssuth africa today. smelled pot outsiie of a stadium where a world cup match was being played. the other woman pled guilty to possession charges. the judge dropped the charges against hilton. >> a terrible mix up in this bad economy, almost 60 teachers inn3 milwaukee got layoff noticcs bb mistake. according to their union. when the error was discovered, those teachers were given their jobs back. and othhr teachers given layoff nottces, including this one. >> i resigned my lease for my apartment, i am supposed to be leaving on vacation. >> the teachers' union is now newly laid off teachers. major mix up there..3 >> weather wise it ggts hotter from here. and you love that? >> loving every minute of it. >> you like it until we bake >> we need to get reedy for the return of just what was said. meteorologist emily gracey is forecast. hi em. here bite
near maryland it struck early at five a m appeared at 2:00 a.m. our time. no reports of injuries or damage but tremors from it spread far as west virginia. last summer quick quiz kid marilyn was 2007. new warning to dog owners. since may of 2005 at least 122 dogs death had been reported pure english bulldogs account for the single highest number of deaths 25 and died in the last five years. although the death accounts for a small percentage ownership consult with their pet canary in before putting any animal in a plane. the experts say the dogs that are easily stress or not well socialized are not good candidates for travel air wise. with a programming note to tell you about. tell you about. this friday nbc will air the giants games so we will have nbc programming. at 8pm we will air the nbc movie of the week: the jenson project. at 10:00pm a special edition of kron 4 news, w w e smackdown can be seen on saturday at 7:00pm the cool and breezy night at at&t park with temperatures dropping into the 50s for the game. lots of low clouds and gusty winds scott tell you about what th
of the past. researchers at the national institutes of health in maryland are developing a universal flu vac. it would protect people against all strains of the flu virus, including the deadly h1n1. the protection would last for several years so would you only need one shot. right now vaccine makers have to come up with a new flu shot every year because the virus changes constantly. if it goes well they said the universal vac could be available in a few years. >>> and memory loss may be connected to the weight of women as they age. a study out of northwestern university found for everyone-point increase in body mass index, a woman's memory score dropped a point. researchers looked at the brain function is that weight of more than 8,500 post menopausal women. even if a woman has normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels, weight can still play a major factor in memory loss. >>> coming up, something to consider the next time you decide to travel with your pet. a new discovery reveal that some dogs are more likely to die airplanes than other breeds. >>> after workers heard voices in the walls
in brandywine, maryland. his mother objected to having the guns around. still transporting load asked concealed weapons is a claim in prince george's county. after a guilty plea today, he is sentenced to two years no pro-bags and month months supervised detention. he will have to wear an ankle bracelet. >>> way the sentencings take place in this courthouse and under the guidelines of the state, this is about what everybody gets. >> i'm ready to get on with my career. put this behind me. i look forward to doing positive things on the court and most likely, my biggest contributions are going to come off the court. >> reporter: he is ordered to perform 40 hours of community service. he told the court, his youth mentoring that he's already been doing. and he apologized for his actions, noting he realized because he was an athlete, many young people placed him high on a pedestal. he is ordered to undergo psychological counseling and treatment. >> reporter: after his apology, the judge said he had talked himself out of a third year probation. >>> today a federal judge in phoenix heard the first of se
. we do have a bit of news for you, coming from the state of maryland, where there was a heat-related death reported there. the governor urging people toe take whatever steps necessary to stay cool. meanwhile, here in new york city, we checked in with con edison. we had time to spend at their command center and saw the steps they're taking to try to keep the power on. >> reporter: day four of the northeast heat wave brought some lower temperatures but not low enough in boston. >> one thing about people from here, we're not that bunch of wimps, we'll take it. >> reporter: record highs in some cities, including wilmington an philadelphia. the cities pools, filling to capacity. >> it's refreshing, it's cool. and it's keeping us from passing out in the sun. >> reporter: demand for power, a concern-n for new york where con edison has been running the emergency respond center since tuesday. inside the war room, wares departments work together to prevent blackouts. >> as you take a look around the room, you can see the center is broken up in sections. you've got logistics, customer s
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